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Tomase: Rays Were Interested in Rubby De La Rosa

Here’s something that may not surprise you: The Rays were interested in acquiring Rubby De La Rosa before the Dodgers included him in their blockbuster with the Red Sox. John Tomase has the details:

Last season, Friedman periodically spoke to Maddon about a right-hander coming off Tommy John surgery in the Dodgers organization. The Rays liked his stuff, believed him available, and were intrigued by his power arsenal. His name?

Rubby De La Rosa.


The Rays had a plan for De La Rosa — Maddon calls it “the schematic” — and Maddon is sure the Red Sox do, too. The key, Maddon said, is eliminating the sound and fury that can envelop promising players. Plenty of fans and media members would love to see De La Rosa open the season in the rotation, but it’s not going to happen.

“That’s the guy you lay out the schematic for and you stay with it,” Maddon said. “You stay with it. You don’t listen to all the crap. You stay with it.”

It’s easy to understand the Rays’ interest. De La Rosa has an electric arm with top-end velocity. Alas there’s no indication about how deep the Rays were in talk to acquire De La Rosa, nor what the deal would have looked like (though one can guess that it involved James Shields and a few other players). By the way, try reading Maddon’s comments on “the schematic” without drawing parallels to the Wil Myers situation.

(Hat tip: Marc Normandin)

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