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Toronto Blue Jays Acquire Miguel Olivo

Alex Anthopoulos has acquired three catchers during his time as Toronto Blue Jays’ general manager. I think he has a type:

John Buck (2008-2010): .253/.307/.440
Jose Molina (2008-2010: .225/.282/.321
Miguel Olivo (2008-2010): .258/.296/.462

To spell it out a little more clearly:

John Buck (2008-2010): SLG-BA: .187 OBP-BA: .054
Jose Molina (2008-2010): SLG-BA: .096 OBP-BA: .057
Miguel Olivo (2008-2010): SLG-BA: .204 OBP-BA: .038

The Jays’ offense spent last season hitting a lot of solo home runs. Adding Olivo (and presumably allowing Buck to walk) is not going to change that philosophy. If anything, it’ll just push it more towards the extreme. That’s almost the exact opposite philosophy employed by the Rays. Interesting, since both teams seem to have a grasp on what they are doing personnel wise.

Anyways, the difference between Olivo and Buck is mostly negligible.

Edit: And as it turns out, the Jays have chosen against exercising Olivo’s option. He’s a Type-B free agent, meaning if they offer him arbitration (and he declines), the Jays will net a supplemental pick for a player to be named later or cash. Smart.

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