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TPR Notebook: Wil Myers Doubles

We’ll have more on Wil Myers next week. In the interim his first big-league double is worth a note.

Myers started his at-bat against Alex Wilson by taking a first-pitch fastball for strike. He chased the next offering, a slider down and away, putting himself in an 0-2 hole. But if the 22-year-old panicked he didn’t show any signs. Instead Myers got his bat head on a mid-90s fastball away and thigh-high, making just enough contact to line the ball into right-center for a two-RBI double. Here’s the video, and the point of contact:


If the scene sounds familiar it’s probably because Joe Maddon recited it word-for-word almost six years ago:

I think that by not looking fastball, and thinking soft instead, when you get something hard you basically have no chance. I also think that when you’re looking middle/in, and the pitcher goes away, you basically have no chance. However, when you’re looking away, and he throws it in, you do. So, I’d like to set these parameters for hitters to work with.

Comparisons to Evan Longoria are unavoidable for Myers. In part because of Longoria’s status as the best player in franchise history, and due to the batting stance similarities. Myers still needs to prove he can protect the entire plate, but on Wednesday night he looked a bit like Longoria in another aspect.

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  1. […] After taking a fastball over the plate for strike one Myers got a changeup. Everyone who’s watched this game for long enough has seen hitters faced with this situation and sequence swing over the top of the pitch, yank it foul, or roll over it for a groundball. Myers stayed back long enough to line it into left field. It’s not as though Doubront had showed the sequence a lot before this at-bat, either: The sequence came in the second inning, and he’d only thrown one other 0-1 changeup thus far, that to Evan Longoria. (Myers’ first career double also merits mention for other reasons.) […]

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