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TPR11 Coming 3/21

All the teasing is finally coming to an end, as the e-copy of TPR11 will release next Monday, the 21st. This comes 13 months (and a few days) from the last publication we put out. A lot has changed since –heck, a lot changed because of it— including the publication’s focus. TPR11 is not your typical season preview companion. There are bits within that look at the 2011 season. There is also some forecasting, but the majority of the chapters are works years in the making.

In the past, these things have included many guest features. Insecurities necessitated it because we wanted eyes, we wanted quality, and we wanted diversion. There are only two writers who have not appeared on DRaysBay, TPR, or Dock of the Rays involved in this project. Those guests are involved with Yankees, Red Sox, and national analysis sites, so there is familiarity.

This worked in two respects. One, we have a smaller project and staff for which to manage. Since this is the first time we’re doing print, we wanted to keep the formatting basic –this is why you won’t see data masters like Jason Hanselman and FreeZorilla within the pages, although they are invaluable contributors to the community as a whole. The other benefit is to provide analysis from the people who follow the team the closest. Oh, and the foreword was written by Jonah Keri and he’s a pretty huge member of the Rays’ community at this point. Jonah was not involved in the other aspects of the book, meaning his access was rather limited. Discredit his foreword accordingly.

The rest of the chapters are geared towards advancing principles preached around these parts often, but in a more digestible form. There are no win or run expectancy tables in chapter about Joe Maddon (there is, however, a tongue in cheek Plato reference and a horribly corny lead in anti-joke). Don’t expect to see pitchfx charts in the chapter about David Price because there aren’t any. No graphs, no tables (until the final chapter), and few advanced metric references. The goal was to analyze through words using the knowledge of numbers.

We’re not just asking you to buy this without anyone knowing exactly what it entails, though, as there are some advanced copies (albeit not final versions, as the final edit and layout check was done after the fact) floating around and to be sent out. I’m not entirely sure what those who write about the project will say and for once, there’s some money on the line. We’ve tried in the past to get a publisher for these things and it doesn’t seem plausible in this market. It’s unfortunate, but if we’re going to do publications in this manner they’ll have to be self-published –at least until we prove otherwise.

Here’s the table of contents excluding the player profiles and AL East preview:

Foreword by Jonah Keri
The Process, The Beast, and The Emptiness of Winning by Nicholas Macaluso
Andrew Friedman Didn’t Fall From The Branch (Rickey) by Tommy Rancel
The Symposium (Συμπόσιον) by R.J. Anderson
Manny Moons Ago in Boston by Patrick Sullivan
Johnny Damon as Carl Crawford by Joe Pawlikowski
The ESPN Prism by Steve Slowinski
The Jim Hickey Effect by Bradley Woodrum
Defending Carl Crawford by Tommy Rancel
Price Will Overcome by R.J. Anderson
Underpaid and Underrated: The Dan Johnson EP by Tommy Rancel
From Jackson to Joyce by Jason Collette
10/12/2008 by Nicholas Macaluso

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    Looking forward to it. (I like the Topkin zinger.)

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