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TPR11 Excerpt: From Jackson to Joyce by Jason Collette

Or, how the Rays flipped overrated relievers into an underpaid slugger.

Most Rays fans knows the front office is as secretive with trade negotiations as KFC is with the Colonel’s original recipe. Try as any local beat writer or blogger may, Rays fans rarely get any insight into the discussions leading to a trade. That said, it would be nice if one day the story could be told about how the Rays acquired two of the top arms in the Dodgers system for two relievers that ended up throwing under 62 innings for the Dodgers before retiring (Carter) or being traded (Baez). As Dodgers, Baez and Carter combined for a 5.14 ERA and gave up 70 hits and 40 runs while striking out just 34 batters.

Friedman asked for and received two of the better pitching prospects in the Dodgers organization and in baseball. Edwin Jackson was ranked one of the three best prospects in the Dodgers system in 2003, 2004, and 2005 by Baseball America. Additionally, that group ranked him as the 99th best prospect in 2003, the 4th best in 2004, and the 30th best in 2005. However, it was the addition of Chuck Tiffany in the deal that caused the most angst with Dodger fans and the most excitement with Devil Rays fans.

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