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TPR11 Excerpt: Price Will Overcome by R.J. Anderson

My other offering from the book.

Minor league pitcher Dirk Hayhurst wrote about his dealings with failure in his New York Times best seller, The Bullpen Gospels. After struggling for the first time in his career during his third professional season, Hayhurst reached this realization: “I imagine a lot of guys who get drafted aren’t used to struggling.” Hayhurst then compares baseball to a dice game, a comparison appreciated by street hustlers like Nas and sabermetric pushers like Nate Silver alike, while suggesting randomness can dictate success as much as hard work and talent.

The Rays demoted Evan Longoria heading into the 2008 regular season; the narrative surrounding the demotion claimed the team wanted him to experience failure before becoming a fixture in the majors. Nobody remembers whether Longoria experienced failure in the minors, but it makes for a better narrative than the Rays fudging with his service time and legend has it he became better for it.

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