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TPR11 Excerpt: The ESPN Prism by Steve Slowinski

To quote FreeZo: Slowinski doin’ what Slowinski does best.

Whenever you turn on SportsCenter or MLB Network, the baseball analysis you’ll see is based on a fallacious principle: that all teams are created equal. That’s not to say that the major networks give equal airtime to every team – as any casual consumer of mainstream sports media can collaborate, large-market teams like the Yankees and Red Sox get top billing – but instead that they analyze each and every team through the same prism. Signing top-of-the-line free agents is good; “salary dumps” are bad. High payrolls mean a team is committed to winning; low payrolls mean the ownership doesn’t care. Good pitching beats good hitting, and every team needs an established closer. It is very subtle, but careful listeners can hear the underlying message: “There is only one way to judge a baseball team, and it is our way.”

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