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TPR11 Excerpt: The Process, the Beast, and the Emptiness of Winning by Nicholas Macaluso

One problem in doing these excerpts is trying to capture the essence of the work in about a paragraph. Especially with Macaluso. He went off –twice—and left the rest of us bodied, so I included an extra 30 or so words.

Since this is the first “official” chapter of the book, I’d like to also announce that we’ll be running a poll in a matter of days asking which chapter you’d like to see released for free on launch day. We’re trying to be as transparent as possible while maintaining the integrity of selling a publication.

This is our unfortunate reality (until someone with engorged testes in baseball’s ivory tower makes one of those For the Good of the Game decisions and abolishes the division format). Our highs aren’t ever truly so high; Theo and the Steinbrenner rugrats are always circling with javelins to pop our piñata. But the dejection of watching Carl Crawford sprain his wrist by dotting the I’s too quickly on his Boston contract shouldn’t dominate our perspective, either.

The team lost quite a few fan favorites this off-season and seemingly all of them to our sworn enemies. But that hasn’t stopped me from lacing up my Rays-blue high tops and setting chunky black frames on my nose. Supporting an organization that subscribes to The Process means that a place has been reserved for me in the bunker; there are blankets and flashlights and even a scented candle. Things are going to be okay, even when the baseball world collapses in a flaming heap, as it does every winter.

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