TPR11 Excerpts: 10/12/2008 by Nicholas Macaluso | The Process Report

TPR11 Excerpts: 10/12/2008 by Nicholas Macaluso

Take us home, Macaluso.

The greatest thing that happened in Tropicana Field prior to 2008 was the attendance of a toothless, suspendered hillbilly flailing his straw hat around to “Cotton Eye Joe” in the corner seats while his ungroomed wife bobbed and swayed behind him. No matter how dire the score, it’s impossible to stave off a grin when the Trop video guys cue up that clip. But that’s it. Literally. We might as well cast the first 10 seasons of this franchise into a steaming chasm. Those years are a litany of dearths: dearth of stars, wins, fans in the seats, classic moments, hope. Forever and ever and ever, the 2008 Tampa Bay Rays will be remembered as the group that changed everything. Even as that season was occurring, I felt like we’d stolen something.

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