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TPR11 Update

Tomorrow marks a week since we released TPR11 to the public for purchase. I wanted to thank everyone who has purchased a copy or endured the shameless whoring without cursing us off forever.

I try to avoid writing about writing or about my work ethic or hustle or whatever term you want to use to describe it. It’s why I try to avoid pointing out word counts or how many posts we publish on a weekly or monthly basis for free or how many drafts we ran through in the process of book writing. The product speaks for itself. If we worked hard enough then it’s good. If it’s bad then we just worked long. And so on. In this case, though, I have tried writing this post for days now and it won’t come out right. I hate to rush it out, but I do not want folks mistaking silence for ungratefulness.

I do hope people realize we were not in this to make a quick buck. The only advertisement is one that Jonah neither asked nor paid for and there is nary a sign of the site name on the cover. There is no sticker or text announcing Jonah’s presence either. Cashing in on his exposure for our own profit would have been easy to do. We even tried giving you a ton of free looks through excerpts and the free chapter, plus the bonus material. We tried a lot of different things. I hope some –most—of it worked to gain your trust.

The critical acclaim for this thing has been pretty positive and the testimonials from consumers has made it worth it. The sales have surpassed our modest expectations as have the praises. It’s really all humbling and reassuring that we did a decent job. So thanks again.

Oh –and for those who want to give it a go, well, you know.

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