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Trevor Bauer and The Rays

For those who don’t follow college baseball, UCLA has two of the most interesting arms in the land. Gerrit Cole is arguably the best prospect in the upcoming draft and should land with the Pirates or Mariners, an event worth celebration because he turned down the Yankees’ offer (after they drafted him in 2008) in order to attend college. His teammate, Trevor Bauer, won’t go as early and isn’t as sexy, but seems like a pretty unique guy within his own right.

Aaron Fitt of Baseball America wrote a fantastic profile of the pair earlier this year that provides more biographical information, but I really got to thinking about Bauer and the Rays while reading Jason Parks’ take on the pair today. The Rays have a ton of draft picks and are probably going to pop a college starter or two in June. I don’t know whether that’s someone like Bauer or maybe a redraft in the form of Ryan Carpenter (who went to Gonzaga instead of signing and looked good in the Cape Cod League), but Bauer has some unique mechanics (described as “Lincecum-like”) and a supposedly sharp wit about pitching.

The Rays had a pre-draft deal to select and sign Tim Lincecum back in 2006 when they assumed Evan Longoria was heading to the Rockies, so they don’t seem scared to select athletic oddities. It’s a little too early to speculate further, but keep Bauer in the back of your head as someone who may find himself in Rays’ garb come June.

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