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What the Paul Janish Trade Means for the Rays

Last week, JB Long tweeted:

The easy joke to make here goes something like this: “Brignac will fit in all right—on another team.” Over the weekend, the Braves and Reds might have set the market.

The Braves-Reds trade sent Paul Janish to the Braves for starter Todd Redmond. Janish is a superb defensive shortstop with a career True Average that rivals Rey Ordonez. Even Dusty Baker, who willingly gave Neifi Perez plate appearances for too many years, thought Janish made too many outs to start. As it turns out, Janish isn’t too different than Brignac.

Brignac-Janish MLB Stats, 2008-12

Player Age Plate Appearances Slash Line
Janish 29 979 .221/.289/.301
Brignac 26 712 .228/.270/.319

Credit Brignac for division, park, and the age advantage, but debit him for being out of options come next season—somehow Janish will have one option year remaining. In the end, you have two strikingly similar players. Which is why it’s disappointing to realize the best the Reds could get is a number five starter slash long reliever who lives and dies with pitchability.

Perhaps Andrew Friedman could milk a bit more by working the lines. But don’t expect much in return when the Rays trade Brignac.

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