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Why The Rays Shouldn’t Acquire Derek Jeter

The only thing Jeter could bring to the organization is his name which would be used to put butts in the seats. Do I think there would be more fans at the Trop if Jeter was on the team? Around the internets there seems to be this thought that if Jeter became a Ray, all the Jeter/Yankee fans would follow. This thought is mind-bottling to me. Sure, it’d be a tent-pole event for a few months while ESPN got their rocks off on the ‘rivalry’ aspect of the game, but soon after the polish wears off, no one is coming to see Jeter the Ray. Because, while the New York transplants love Jeter, they love him because he’s a Yankee, not the other way around.

Jeter is 74 hits away from 3000. When he reaches this milestone, his fans want him to do it as a Yankee. A few weeks ago, I was talking to a coworker about how Wade Boggs is the only player to homer on his 3000th hit, a feat he accomplished with the Devil Rays. The response: “Wade Boggs played for the Devil Rays?” If Boggs had homered on his 3000th as a Yankee or a Sawk, do you think anyone would not know this?

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The Rays ranked seventh in American League attendance during their inaugural season. A year later, they slipped to tenth despite adding more starts. They finished ninth in 2010. The point about Wade Boggs is on the head. Boggs was a Yankee (and Red Sox) legend in the midst of chasing a milestone and it did not lift the Rays into the top half of the American League attendance. If folks didn’t show up to see the Rays’ version of Jeter (Carl Crawford) in his farewell season, then why would they show up to see someone else’s aged star?

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