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Wil Myers Tries Easy

How did the Rays score 11 runs on Friday night after scoring a combined 10 runs over the past week? The answer was pretty simple according to Tampa Bay hitting coach Derek Shelton: “We didn’t swing at bad pitches.” Sounds easy enough, but when you are in a team-wide slump the easiest things can also be the hardest.

Take Wil Myers for example. On Thursday, Jason Collette explored what has been plaguing the young slugger this season. A steady diet of outside pitches and an over eager approach has led to a slow start for the reigning American League Rookie of the Year winner. After going 3-5 on opening day, Myers entered Friday’s game against the Yankees with seven hits in his last 47 at-bats (.149 average) with the opposition pounding him down and away the majority of the time.

Myers went 3-5 against New York, seeing 21 pitches in the process. Perhaps taking his coach’s words to heart, the 23-year-old was concentrated in his swings. He was content on laying off of 12 pitches; mostly located on the outer third of the dish. Myers took a few pitches in the zone; however, there are times when taking a strike on a pitch that you cannot do much with is not a terrible idea.


Meanwhile, Myers was aggressive on pitches middle or in. He smack three base hits to the left side. All on pitches located on the inner half.


The result of one game does not mean a lot on the grand scheme, but a correction in process could go along way in repeating those results.

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