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Yunel Escobar is Jason Bartlett

Just about every angle concerning Yunel Escobar is old news by now. Here’s an attempt at something new: In Escobar the Rays have reacquired Jason Bartlett.

It sounds ridiculous for qualitative reasons. Bartlett had the reputation for sharp baseball skills. He added to his numbers with smart, and at times clever, play in the field and on the basepaths. Escobar is the antithesis of Bartlett in this regard. He makes mental mistakes that are at times harmful to his team. Despite those differences the two are closer than you expect when you compare their three-year totals preceding their first season with the Rays. Observe:

Slash line
Escobar (10-12): .266/.335/.358 (89 OPS+)
Bartlett (05-07): .274/.343/.366 (89 OPS+)

Walk rate
Escobar (10-12): 8.6 percent
Bartlett (05-07): 7.8 percent

Strikeout rate
Escobar (10-12): 11.2 percent
Bartlett (05-07): 13.1 percent

Isolated Power
Escobar (10-12): .092
Bartlett (05-07): .092

Extra-base taken rate:
Escobar (10-12): 41 percent
Bartlett (05-07): 51 percent

Contact rate
Escobar (10-12): 84 percent
Bartlett (05-07): 86 percent

Because of the aforementioned differences you could argue Escobar would not be as valuable to the Rays as Bartlett was even if he posted the same numbers. Fair enough. The point is that both are coming from similarly productive stretches in their careers. Whether Escobar’s next three seasons resemble the three years put together by Bartlett are to anyone’s guess. One thing is for sure: Everyone can root for Escobar to accumulate as many World Series plate appearances this season as Bartlett had in 2008.

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  1. merrillfraz wrote:

    I’ve learned to stop doubting Andrew and Joe’s intuition (except for the DH position, but they are hardly alone in their loss for an answer there). I hope their trend of being able to mesh and become a machine works Escobar through his bumps.

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