When the holiday season begins, pet owners think about where to place their pets. Most people are not able to take their pets with them on a trip, so the only solution is a dog daycare hotel. The process of finding a dog daycare hotel is not easy and needs to be devoted a little more time. It is a difficult task for every pet owner because they should find out how many hotels there are in the city, what they look like, what conditions they offer, and of course, at what price. Puparazzila.com is a luxury dog ​​hotel available to you if you are traveling and have nowhere to leave your pet.

When choosing which hotel to leave your pet in while you are not in town, pay attention to how he reacts to the new place. Follow his reactions when you first take him to the dog hotel. It is very important that your pet feels safe and light when you leave him at the hotel. Look for a dog hotel that has a yard and green areas to let the dog walk and play. If your dog is sociable and loves to play, look for a hotel that accepts a large number of dogs to always have fun there. The dog hotel should have climbing frames, toys, and a large yard so dogs can have fun and play. The hotel rooms are regularly treated with tick and flea repellents. The dog hotel has houses adapted for all ages so that your dog can rest peacefully after a long game.

When choosing a dog hotel, you need to bring the following documentation:

  • That the dog is regularly vaccinated;
  • Proof that the dog is receiving therapy and taking his medication;
  • Proof that the dog is protected from parasites.

The dog hotel provides food for each dog, but if your dog is used to certain foods, you can take his food to the hotel. If you are going on a business trip or vacation and you do not know what to do with a dog or cat, contact Puparazzi and do not worry. In pet resort and hotel for dogs “Puparazzi”, dogs enjoy a safe and fun environment, under the 24-hour supervision of experienced staff. Leave the care of your pet to our professional team who adore animals and have experience in this business. For more information, visit puparazzila.com.